After his last mission from Haiti, Dr Zubair had decided to dedicate his whole life for the health & Education of Children and Mother of Poor and underdeveloped countries. When he shared his heart voice with his wife Fouzia, she not only supported his idea but also joined hand to hand & became part of the mission. He called his friends Dr Zia, Mr Azam & Mr Aqib and they all added their hands and laid the Foundation of International Maternal and Child Health Foundation Canada (IMCHF Canada) on February 12, 2012. He was so excited that he put his ideas on Facebook and more than 50 friends from all over the world supported his idea and showed their willingness to support the organization. This makes his moral high to move forward and he shared this idea with his friends and colleagues & from the beginning of its birth more than a hundred people joined from more than 10 countries. The head office is in Canada, comprising of professionals (Doctors, Social workers, Educationists & students.