Holistic Child Development Through Sponsorship

We are the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship.

Holistic child development means we begin, in some cases, with prenatal care and go all the way through leadership development for qualified young adults. It means we take a long-term approach to what we do and go beyond simple involvement in the lives of the children and families we serve.


ll of our child development programs provide opportunities that encourage healthy development in four areas — spiritual, physical, social and economic.

And when it specifically comes to child sponsorship, our Child Sponsorship Program is the only child sponsorship program validated as effective through independent, empirical research.

Child Sponsorship

In a world where more than a billion children live on less than U.S. $2 per day, Child Sponsorship is the most strategic way to end child poverty.

Child Survival

Our Child Survival Program gets critical child development off to a running start by helping give their babies a better chance to be healthy.

Child Development

Child development is dynamic. It changes as a child’s needs change. It’s personal, individualized and relational. And it’s tailored to ages, gender, health, cultures and family situations

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Program equips young Compassion-assisted men and women to become Christian leaders who can, in turn, influence their own churches, communities and nations.